Steel City Historical Fencing was created by Chris Hobbs, Ashleigh Hobbs, and Jim Brooks. Their Bios can be found on the Meet the Instructors page.

The focus of the club is on providing a productive environment for students of historical European martial arts to learn and grow as fighters. This includes any item of interest under the HEMA umbrella, not just longsword.

  • If it is something that the instructors do NOT have experience in, we can make a study group and/or invite instructors from other clubs to teach workshops.
  • If it is something that the instructors DO have experience in, we can teach a class.
  • If a student is interested in stepping up and leading a topic based on their own independent study, we are happy to facilitate that as well.

HEMA has a wonderful international community — one that fosters working together and making lasting friendships over a mutual love of swords. Steel City Historical Fencing prides itself on being part of such a positive network of scholars and fighters. Come be a swordfighter today!