Steel City Open 2019

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Invitational Longsword  Open Longsword  Low-Intensity Longsword

SaberSword & Buckler Single Rapier

Join us for a fantastic multi-discipline event with tournaments, workshops, and plenty of space for Free Sparring!

  • Three tiers of LongswordInvitational, Open, and Low-Intensity/Rookie.
  • Saber – Use your own Saber OR borrow one of our brand new Kvetun Sabers. These will also be available for purchase.
  • Single Rapier
  • Sword & Buckler

Don’t have your own weapon? Consult your club and clubmates. We will have a small number of loaner feders, arming swords, and Cold Steel bucklers available day-of. Rookies in the Low-Intensity Longsword will have access to our loaner gear, and we ask that other clubs also do their best to equip their Rookies.