Steel City Open 2019

Workshop Spotlight



Connor Kemp-Cowell has been active in HEMA since 2017, competing and teaching at a multitude of events across the East Coast. He is the Head Instructor of the Philadelphia Common Fencer’s Guild, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Hipster Longsword
Philippo di Vadi’s work “De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi” is an interesting source that has seen little use. Aside from being a tertiary resource for Fiorist clubs, the obscure focus of the occasional acolyte doing independent studying, and the rare exception-to-the-rule of a club’s focus on what rests within it’s pages, Vadi’s art has been glazed over for the most part. This class is intended to treat partakers to a sampling of the core principles, framework, and mechanics of Vadi’s system, while also giving a general comparison of the system’s inner-workings to contemporaries of it’s time.