Steel City Open 2019

Workshop Spotlight



Jess Rozek-Workman first was interested in becoming a knight due to a Tamora Pierce novel and Highlander. From there, it was history. A long interest in swordsmanship and history led to looking into Olympic fencing, SCA, and aikido without really finding what she wanted to do. In 2011, she helped found the Grunberg Freifechter (MFFG-VT) group in Burlington, Vermont where she started learning Joachim Meyer as a new fencer. The following year, she placed 4th in the Longpoint women’s longsword tournament. She moved to Maryland in 2013 and started studying at Maryland Kunst des Fechtens. Currently, she serves as lead instructor to the beginner’s class, treasurer, webmaster, and all around Herder of Cats at MKdF.


Meyer Heresy

Forget everything you think you’ve heard about the heretical nature of Joachim Meyer. Come learn the context around his methods and how they are directly descended from early KdF. Don’t fret; some heresy may be involved regardless.