Steel City Open 2019

Workshop Spotlight



Nick Bulan grew up loving History, Mythology, and Adventure; naturally this included Swords and Swords Fighting as well. Hailing from Arizona Nick, still an honorary member of the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship, had been an ardent pupil of 4 years under renown HEMA-ists such as Richard Marsden, John Patterson, Kyle Griswold, etc. Primarily an expert in Polish Szabla (Saber) Reconstruction, Georgian Era British Saber/Backsword, Imperial Prussian Artillery Saber as well as both Imperial Russian and American Military Saber.


Polish Saber

An introductory course that will give students experience in the art of “Cross-Cutting” as it might have been for the Polish Hussars and Nobles of the 17th cent. This will be a simple course designed to educate the class in the system’s basic historical context and prepare them with the skillset to perform this saber method for moderate (and above) intensity HEMA practice. This entails what Nick has dubbed the “Cross-Cut Theory” which encompasses the basis of everything from cuts, thrusts, basic footwork, the 3 primary guards & 6 parries. As a protege of Richard Marsden, Nick’s material will look familar to many Polish Saber Enthusiasts but will also provide a relatively fresh outlook as his interpretation sports a unique take built upon on Richard’s tutelege.